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Note for all electric scooters and bikes:

Freezing temperatures damage battery.

Adjust brakes and fill tires often.

Keep water out of the parts.


The battery is what you are mostly paying for in an electric bike or scooter, so always look at the battery specifications when shopping. All the other parts of the bike, including the bike itself, cost about $300, and you can find them 2nd hand even cheaper. On the other hand, a used battery will have lower energy storage than a brand new one. After 1000 uses, a typical battery will retain only 50% of its original energy storage capacity.

Batteries have 3 main factors: chemistry, voltage, and amp-hours. The most common chemistry for electric bikes is lithium-ion because it is lightweight and long-lasting compared to most other types (all our products use this type). Bike speed depends on the battery voltage, abbreviated as the letter V. Bike range depends on the battery amp-hours or watt-hours, abbreviated as AH or WH. V times AH is WH. A 100 Watt light bulb running for 1 hour uses 100 Watts times 1 hour of energy, which equals 100 Watt-Hours (100 WH). Higher WH is equal to more energy and is more expensive.Deeper explanation of the science in this video.

NYC Biking Laws


A power assisted bike may not go faster than 20 mph or weigh more than 100 lbs. Faster or heavier bikes must be registered at the DMV.


You need lights and reflectors: white light in front, red light in rear, and reflectors all over.


Help prevent fatalites.


You need a sound to alert pedestrians.


Lights and reflectors help. Online, you can find loud bike horns that drivers can hear. Mirrors in your helmet or bike can help you see cars approaching.


Shine a light on the ground to see them at night. A front suspension fork and thicker tires help.

Do not ride while intoxicated.


To compare brake quality while riding the bike, check how long it takes after braking for the wheels to stop turning. Find out which brake handle is for the front wheel and for the back. Check and adjust brakes often.


Check spoke tightness by trying to push the spokes. If any spoke seems looser than the others, it may need to be tightened at a bike shop to avoid bent rim.


For electrical issues, take it to an ebike repair shop. There are 4 parts to the ebike that may be broken or disconnected: throttle, controller, battery, or motor. An ebike repairperson will test which one it is by testing the voltage or switching components.

Check your air pressure often. Usually, if you are able to push the tire in with one finger, the pressure is too low. Buy a pair of inner tubes that fit your bike, so that you will not have to shop around for them when you get a flat. Learn how to adjust the brake cables and replace brake pads on your bike when they become loose. Learn the names of all the parts of the bike, so that you can diagnose any issues.


They alter the ratio of wheel turns to pedal turns. They make it easier or harder to pedal. They are useful for hilly terrain. They should be turned lower for uphill and higher for flat or downhill. Your bike should be able to transition through all the gears without the chain falling off. Gears usually can only be shifted while the pedals are being turned.


Lightweight bikes are more expensive, but easier to pedal. Most bikes are steel, but lightweight bikes are often titanium, aluminum, or carbon fiber.


There are 3 main types: u-lock, chain, and cable. Heaviest and toughest is u-lock. Lightest and easiest to use is cable lock.



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