Electric Bike and Scooter Store

16 W 37th St
Between 5 & 6 Ave

Call: 347 509 7655

Mon-Sat, 10:30am-6:30pm

We have a big selection of special items at low prices, and we are easy to get to.




36V, 10AH E-Scooter. SE104 Seated Version

60V, 26AH E-Scooter. SE109 Seated Edition

60V, 26AH E-Scooter. SE110 Seated Edition

48V, 24.5AH EBike. BE181

48V, 21AH EBike. BE108

$799 - 48V, 20AH EBike. BE167

$1100 - 48V, 12.5AH EBike. BE170

48V 8AH Foldable Ebike. BE173

Electric Fat Foldable 48V, 12AH. BE333

Electric E-Bike, Fat Tire, 48V 13AH. BE115

  • Range 30 mi
    Speed 25 mph
  • 24" Wheel Foldable Bike with Rack, Fenders, 7 Speeds (comes in Silver or Black). B10250

    Starry Kick Scooter with Big 8" inch Wheels and Carry Strap, Foldable. S116

    Air Tire Kick Scooter with Full Suspension and Disc Brake. S115


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